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Wechsler School originally constructed in 1894 continue to serve the youth in the community providing after school services, social enrichment, theater art, music, computer, internet all in a supervised and safe environment.


    The Wechsler Community Performing Arts Center completed in 1951 was the final phase of construction  now serves as the Wechsler Foundation Business Offices, Conference Rooms, Museum of historical black schools , Fine Art Gallery Genealogical Center, and Performing Arts Center on the Wex Stage. The Performing Arts Center is complete with a full kitchen and cafeteria that can accommodate up to two hundred guest with an outside patio you will enjoy.


 Museum of historical black schools include TJ Harris High, Baptist Seminary, Camel Street High In Louisville MS. Saint Joseph School, Middelton and Meridian High now joins the ranks.



Our mission is to improve the quality of living in Meridian by serving the residents of East Central Mississippi and West Alabama by providing resources, infrastructure and facilities in five key areas. These areas will result in the greatest return on investment yielding security and prosperity for our community. 

The Wechsler Foundation will preserve the legacy and history of black schools now destroyed,  research and document educators and programs in the Educational Heritage Museum.  We will preserve the historic center for education and tourism  by saving Wechsler School an Iconic part of Meridian's History.

  • Educational Support (higher expectations of student performance, Exposure to career professionals, computer programing, Software design, Graphics, Publishing, Mass  Communications, Robotic and DC electronics Classes, 

  • Community Support (Security, Neighborhood Watch, Property improvement, Urban  renewal. Farmers market and community Flee market on Second Saturday.

  • Social  Support (anger management classes, Parenting classes, Blended family classes

  • Economic Support  (Jobs listing, Resume writing Internet access, RFP contract Hub, Contracts, Small business Qualification Support including business accounting state & federal, employee & health insurance Taxes (1914 Annex Building)

  • Cultural Enrichment, Fitness, Diet, Healthier eating, Wellness classes (plays, Concerts, Shows. (1951 Wechsler  auditorium, stage, classrooms, cafeteria, museum.


The Luck of the Irish Tour

MARCH.14.2015, 10:00 - 2:00

OCT 18, 10AM - 3 PM
Black History Program
Feb 11, 2015 6:00PM Wex Stage

Funding for these programs will be made possible with state and federal grant money that is retained through the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative; it’s a memorandum that was signed by President Barack Obama. The program consist of a task force that will take a collaborative approach to build opportunities within challenged communities while reducing crime and violence. As part of this effort, each of the programs that are funded by this initiative at Wechsler will be administered by a responsible director and employees. A curriculum, course outline, and project description will be created for each. The goals and objectives for all of the programs will align with each other, and have measurable results that have a positive impact within the community. Your financial donantions are need for matching funds.

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