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Middleton Attendance Center

        Middleton Attendance Center was built in 1959 under Mississippi’s School Reorganization Program to accommodate all black students in Lauderdale County not within the Meridian Separate School District.  This included Stevenson Vocational High School in Toomsuba, Lebanon Vocational High in Collinsville, Bailey Vocational High in Bailey, Tripplette Junior High in Shiloh/Causeyville, Daleville Junior High in Daleville, Elizabeth Junior High,  and Dubose, Taylor, and Tabernacle Elementary Schools.


        The purpose was (1) to provide a diversified education program,  (2) operate more economically, and (3) to provide better physical facilities for all students.  Over 1200 students in grades first through twelfth attended the new Middleton Attendance Center, so named because it was centrally located. The curriculum was designed to meet the needs of all students: college preparatory, vocational, and commercial education were available. 


        Middleton remained open until January 1970 when all Blacks students in Lauderdale County were assigned to one of the predominately white schools (Southeast, Northeast, Clarkdale, and West Lauderdale) when the Supreme Court mandated that all schools be desegregated.  Later Middleton Attendance Center was renamed Northeast Lauderdale Elementary School.  

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