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 The Carnegie Branch Library at 13th St and 28th Ave in Meridian, Mississippi is one of two former Carnegie libraries in the city, both funded by a grant from Andrew Carnegie in 1904. Israel Marks, a city leader approached  the national philanthropist Andrew Carnegie for funding assistance. Marks, who helped operate Marks-Rothenberg Department Store next door to the Grand Opera House, was an acquaintance of Carnegie.


Marks  convinced Carnegie to issue a $38,000 grant in 1904 to the city's government to build two Carnegie libraries —The white library would receive $30,000 while the African American one would receive $8,000. library for whites was built at 25th Ave and 7th St and now houses the Meridian Museum of Art. Both buildings were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. The black library was demolished in 2008. 


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